evoking emotion

by capturing the big, the small, & every moment in between

ad maiora (latin phrase) - “towards greater things.” 
We’re all growing, whether it be growing in love with yourself, your partner, or your family - let me capture that love and growth for you.

You’re probably wondering who that cheeseball on the left is, well it’s me. My name is Aimee Nguyen and I’m a wedding and portrait photographer from Baltimore, MD. But don’t let the location cause any hesitation in reaching out and saying hello, I LOVE traveling. Throughout the years, I've become incredibly  passionate about capturing memories and people in the most organic way. I’ve photographed weddings up and down the East Coast and will gladly hop in my car or on a plane to get to you. 

Most of the week, you’ll catch me working hard as a social behavior change research associate, binge-watching yet another Netflix series, eating my weight in food, or being a creative-ass photographer (or so I like to think). 

why hello there...

about me

genuine. sarcastic. empathic. 

These moments are meant to be authentic and honest - they're genuine moments of real happiness and love. I embrace laughter, goofiness, wind-blown hair, awkwardness, unpredictable weather, wardrobe malfunctions, crying infants (and adults), and every perfect little flaw that makes these sessions one-hundred and ten percent distanctly YOU. Getting your photos taken can be the most awkward thing, I get it - I'm pretty goddamn awkward - but I work hard to ensure that you're comfortable and having the most fun during these sessions so that your future selves can look back at these images and recall the memories that we made together. 

romantic & thoughtful photographer
embracing the most authentic you.

taking you back to the way you felt.

-elizabeth & ben, 2019

“My boyfriend and I also got a couples shoot done with Aimee. She was super accommodating and willing to explore the places that we have found important in our relationship for our photos. She made us both feel comfortable so we were able to relax and enjoy being together to get more natural shots. The photos turned out beautifully. We got some comments from friends who said the photos captured our love for each other very radiantly, which was really sweet and all thanks to Aimee. I’m looking forward to scheduling Aimee for all of our future photography needs- she is a gem!”

-bianca & owen, 2019

“We relived the day and night all over. Every time we looked at a picture, Owen and I were like “we were saying this, we were doing that.” It was so much fun to reminisce. The pictures of our guests too are amazing. So much happiness. We always feel so comfortable around Aimee. She truly does bring out the best in people. It’s why I feel like she’s perfect at her job. These photos have really brought Owen and I together. We look at them and admire one another more and find so much beauty in the things we don’t always see” 

-ashley, 2017

“Aimee is not just doing what she loves but what she is gifted in. She is detail oriented which is amazing to see if her shots because she captures beauty in what the customer overlooks. She's amazing”

-sarah & jake, 2019

“As someone who has always felt awkward having their picture taken, Aimee could not have made my husband and I feel more comfortable during our recent maternity shoot! You can tell Aimee genuinely loves what she does and it shows. Every single photo she takes tells a story and captures natural beauty and emotion. My heart smiles every time I look at these photos and I know they are something we will have to look back on for the rest of our lives.”

kind words.

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